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Healing Skincare Routine

Healing Skincare Routine

I posted these photos on social media when I was healing from a terrible flare-up caused by my period. My monthly visitor is extremely loud and angry, the worst kind of house guest. I did ask a private dermatologist about what I can do but was told that while many patients report a connection between their period and eczema, there have been no studies to prove the link and therefore there was no medication that could be prescribed for that situation.

So I continue to look for ways to reduce the severity of these monthly flare-ups on my own and here I am sharing the routine and products I currently use to get through them. This could be helpful for someone healing from a peel or allergic reaction too.


CLEANSE     At this time I avoid using wateron my face so I stick to a gentle micellar water to softly cleanse the dirt and any flaky skin off with cotton pads. I cleanse until the cotton pad comes away clean. Suggestion: Bioderma Hydrabio H20. (I am looking into using cream cleansers that are tissued off as an alternative and will report back).

PREP     I usually apply several layers of something containing hyaluronic acid until the skin feels plump but at this time I will just do a single layer to give the skin initial hydration and make it a better canvas to spread the next product on to. Suggestion: Hada Labo Goku Jyun

TREAT     The most soothing part of my routine is a facial oil. It's not just my skin but my mind too that relaxes when I apply it because it has such positive effect. I can use a single oil like cold pressed avocado oil or a brand-blended one, it just depends on what I think I need that morning. Suggestion: Barefoot SOS Repair and Renew Intensive Treatment Oil. But if I have skin that still wants scratching, I go in with a specific anti-irritation product. Suggestion: La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5. 

MOISTURISE     I have come up with a concoction that works wonders - Vaseline mixed with Hada Labo Goku JyunMixing these two in the palm of my hands creates a really lovely gel that hydrates and moisturises in a heavy duty way. If like me you don't enjoy applying petroleum jelly neat, this mixture is of a much more palatable texture. 



CLEANSE     Same as AM.

PREP     When the irritation has subsided and the skin starts to heal, I get very flaky. If I try to apply treatments and moisturisers on top, I feel it doesn't absorb and so I will use a very gentle acid (BHA is key for me) on a cotton pad to slough off dead skin if I think my skin can handle it. Suggestion: COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner. Regardless I will apply a layer of hydration as in the morning.

TREAT    You can go in with the same treatment(s) you use in the morning or opt for something that you want to have repair your skin while you sleep. I am using a product that is so expensive I am reluctant to blog about it but so effective in fortifying my skin that I feel I should share it. I will do a full review of Zelens Power D Treatment Drops helps and also share any cheaper options I can find.


There are of course variations according to how my skin is behaving or what products I have on my dresser. What's important is to aid repair by reducing irritation (and so the urge to scratch and damage rather than heal) and prep the skin to receive the benefit of your treatments and moisturisers. Even if you don't use the same products I do, the suggested steps hopefully help you. 

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