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Eucerin Sun Allergy Protection Sun Creme-Gel Spf 50

Eucerin Sun Allergy Protection Sun Creme-Gel Spf 50

Eucerin is probably my favourite skincare brand because it provides solutions to many of my skincare woes. I've raved about their body lotion and scalp treatment, I've enjoyed using their Aquaporin range in the past and I am very interested in getting my hands on their new Ultra Sensitive Soothing Care range.

So I thought it would be easy as peasy to find a suitable sunscreen from this brand. There are many products to choose from and I plumped for the Sun Allergy Protection Creme-Gel SPF 50 for Face and Body because of the higher protection and larger bottle size of 150ml for £14.60 (£0.10 per ml).

While it is fragrance free, the fifth ingredient is alcohol denat. and you can smell it straight away. In fact it is present high up in all of their sunscreen offerings. This is something I would normally avoid as it dehydrates and irritates my skin but thought perhaps it could be well-balanced with other ingredients in the formula to be not as irritating. (I did email Eucerin about this but I've had no response).

My guess is that the inclusion of alcohol denat is what gives truth to the claim that this product "absorbs quickly" and is "non sticky [and] non greasy". But my face and body also felt dehydrated and I had to apply moisturiser over the top which probably disrupts the integrity and efficacy of the sunscreen. There was an initial sting when I applied it to my face which is very sensitive with eczema but that did not linger; the sting to the eyes however was intolerable and I cannot use this sunscreen around the eye area. 

Now, if you can tolerate it, then there are big positives to this sunscreen in addition to being non-greasy. The protection that this sunscreen gave me was fantastic - I suffered no ill-effect from the very strong sun. And there is absolutely no whitecast! The cream comes out the tube as a pale yellow and blends away completely clear. So while I cannot use this sunscreen, it's one I can pass on to someone else.

✔ Chemical HomosalateOctocryleneAvobenzoneOctisalate, Polysilicone-15, Tinosorb S | ✘ Mineral | ✔ Fragrance Free |  ✘ Alcohol Free | ✘ Whitecast ✘ Moisturising | ✔ Eye Irritation | ✔ Face Irritation | ✘ Blemishes

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