My skin is not just dry,  it is very very dry. And sensitive. And often itchy!

I have enjoyed periods of relatively clear, stable skin and I have suffered long periods of inflamed eczemaic skin. For me, eczema is a chronic skin condition that ranges from being an annoyance to being debilitating. I have spent many years in GP surgeries and hospital clinics to not much avail so I have had to become my own skincare expert by researching the latest ingredients and techniques and of course - trial and error!

Despite this troublesome skin of mine, I refuse to give up on makeup. On a bad skin day, the brilliance of a lipstick can give me a boost to get things done. On a good skin day, it is a creative outlet with its gorgeous pigments and textures. Cosmetics of course also require attention to ingredients and application and I have amassed quite the collection that I want to show you because I don't just love wearing the stuff, I love writing about it too!

So I truly understand the ups and down of dry skin and how disappointing it is when a product fails to live up to your hopes, let alone when it makes things worse. But I also know how great it is when you hit upon a cream, a concealer, a tablet that makes you look and feel a bit or even a lot better! Key to having more hits than misses is reading up on product ingredients, brands and the latest development which has lead me to the creation of Beauty Literate as a place to share my beauty knowledge and experiences with you.

Priya Ramilaben Chauhan